How does your home look at night? - Outdoor Landscape Lighting Installations and Designs by Elite Lighting Designs

How does your home look at night?

  • June 25, 2020
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How does your home look at night? - Outdoor Landscape Lighting Installations and Designs by Elite Lighting Designs

As you drive through your neighborhood some houses catch your eye while others seem to have a dark and scary presence around them. What about your house? Is your house welcoming to your guest or do they have a hard time seeing the walkway? Adding outdoor lights around your house and property can not only approve the esthetics by also provide additional security.

Illuminating the front of your house should be aiming to achieve 4 key aims:

  • Guide guest and visitors to the front door
  • Accent the features of your front garden
  • Highlight the architecture of your house
  • Provide effective home security

There are a couple of outdoor lighting techniques that can be used to achieve these key items. Done right, exterior entry lighting makes the most of what you’ve got, complementing your home’s architecture, increasing security, and helping guests navigate their way to the front landing.

  1. Front door illumination

Many times the front door lighting is forgotten but you need to remember the front door is your guest’s first impression. Great lighting at the front of your house not only provides a warm welcome for guests, but all increases your home security, particularly when you answer the door at night to unexpected visitors.

For many homes, a standard pair of lanterns or sconces installed on either side of the front door works just fine. However, if your porch is also a sitting area, consider an overhead ceiling mounted fixture or a pendant light for better illumination.

  1. Walkway to front entrance

Walkways are meant to guide traffic and lead the way to your front door so adding path lights to illuminate walkways keeps you and your guests safer by casting light on potential tripping hazards. The key is choosing the right path lights for your project to ensure proper illumination and a look that will complement your landscaping and your home’s architectural features.

For example, you can illuminate your walkways with lampposts, downlights mounted on a fence or other structure, under-eave lights for paths adjacent to buildings, wall lights or sconces, step lights, or downlights placed high in trees to create a more natural-looking moonlit effect.

  1. Light up the landscape

It is important to take the time to incorporate your lighting into your overall landscape design to create a more cohesive look and increase home security. Landscape lighting can be used to highlight your home’s architectural elements, beautiful gardens, specimen trees & shrubs, and water features. Additionally strategically placed landscape lighting, particularly boundary lighting on fences or hedges can deter unwelcome guests.

  1. Exterior garage lighting

Outdoor garage lighting is a must-have home security feature but with the right fixtures, the lights will add plenty of exterior ambiance and curb appeal too. Wouldn’t you prefer to be able to walk from your house to your garage (or vice versa) at night aided by proper lighting rather than in pitch darkness?

A popular garage lighting choice is to position outdoor wall lights on either side of the garage to help light the driveway and surrounding area. Or alternatively opt for a flood light or motion sensor outdoor light above the garage to light the whole area any time someone drives up.

  1. Security lighting

Lighting is an important part of an overall security plan for your home and property. For example, lights with motion detectors can help deter unsavory characters and illuminate anyone trying to sneak up to your door or windows. It’s a well-known fact that well-lit houses make it more difficult for any thief to gain access undetected.

Exterior lighting doesn’t have to be only about security. Most lighting suppliers will have a wide range of styles and designs available that combine appealing looks with high security features, so you’re bound to find something that complements the style of your home.

We are experts at lighting your San Antonio, Austin, or Hill Country home for beauty and security. To learn more about outdoor lighting or begin designing your outdoor lighting system, contact Elite Lighting Designs San Antonio: (210) 573-0594 | Austin: (512) 692-7445 to speak to a design consultant today.


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