Proper LED Lighting Fixtures Must Work in All Weather Conditions - Outdoor Landscape Lighting Installations and Designs by Elite Lighting Designs

Proper LED Lighting Fixtures Must Work in All Weather Conditions

  • July 5, 2019
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Proper LED Lighting Fixtures Must Work in All Weather Conditions - Outdoor Landscape Lighting Installations and Designs by Elite Lighting Designs

Storm season is upon us. We all know how terrible some of these storms have become in the past few years. The last thing you want is the lighting at your house or business, your steps, pathways, and decks to stop working after a big storm.

As lighting designer/installers, there is nothing worse than having a client call you to complain that the lighting system you put in is failing. It’s doubly unpleasant when you’re out there in the rain or in 100-degree weather replacing fixtures that quit working. That’s why at Elite Lighting, we only use the best, all American made fixtures, available in today’s market. Our customers reap the benefits and we don’t get caught in the rain!

Your lighting fixtures and beautiful lighting designs are going to need to survive fierce summer storms and intense heat and be able to stand the test of weather as well as time.

While other installers might try to sell you on the idea that it’s cost effective to use less expensive fixtures, we know that is the furthest thing from the truth. That’s why we only offer fixtures that will work consistently in the harshest of weather conditions and therefore are far more cost effective. And even better, ones that last. All of our fixtures and drivers come with a 20-year, factory warranty.

Everyone tends to look at cost in everything we buy today, but in reality, we have to consider how long a product will last, how well it will work, how much maintenance will be required, and what will adversely affect those products. Weather can be the enemy in many cases when designing and installing LED lighting. At Elite Lighting Designs, we want the best possible experience for our customers which is why we use products from Garden Light LED which are CNC machined, beautiful to look at, and built to last.

Products coming from overseas, places like China, are cost-effective only in the short run. These fixtures break easily or need to be replaced within a year or two at most so don’t be fooled by the idea that they are money savers.

Reputation is everything.

We are in a climate where “made in America” means more than it has in a long time. We Americans want to hear that phrase when we buy something. We want our “stuff” to be made here and we like to see American businesses thrive.

At Elite Lighting Designs, we know the value of this concept. Our lighting fixtures and all of our LED lighting equipment is made in the Garden Light LED factory in Tampa, Florida by American workers. It is a fact that we are proud to tell our customers.

Here are a couple more reasons to buy well-made American LED Lighting fixtures:

  • Garden Light LED fixtures are rated to last for an unmatched 20 years. No lighting company in America or anywhere else for that matter is making that claim and living up to it. Our fixtures last and that means you won’t be calling us to tell us that your lights have failed in the middle of a backyard party or important event.
  • Our Fixtures work in all kinds of conditions. Each Garden Light LED fixture is handcrafted and put through a rigorous, multi-step, sequential testing process that allows us to view real-time performance data in a progressive light.

They go through relentless testing in a variety of ways including:
•    Freezing
•    Heating
•    Submersion
•    Burn-in
•    Destructive testing to establish operational limits

  • They use CNC technology. CNC stands for “Computer Numerically Controlled.” By manufacturing in America, there is much better control over production quality and by using local suppliers of material, GLLED can guarantee they get the highest-quality material as well.

If you would like more information on our lighting designs and installation, the kinds of products we use or to learn more about Elite Lighting Designs, take a look at our website at  or contact us at San Antonio: 210.573.0594 | Austin: 512.692.7445
One of our salespeople will be happy to talk to you about your needs. We love to do nighttime demos and will come out to your home or business to set up a demo so you can see what your property will look like when properly lit.

Our staff professional designer/installers at Elite Lighting Designs have been doing LED landscape lighting design for over 20 years in the South Texas area from San Antonio to Austin. We pride ourselves on creating beautiful designs but also on giving our customers the peace of mind to know that their lights will not fail them in storms or extreme weather.


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