5 Reasons to Convert to LED Lighting - Outdoor Landscape Lighting Installations and Designs by Elite Lighting Designs

5 Reasons to Convert to LED Lighting

  • April 23, 2018
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5 Reasons to Convert to LED Lighting - Outdoor Landscape Lighting Installations and Designs by Elite Lighting Designs

Considering the switch to LED Landscape Lighting? We have compiled the top 5 reasons why converting today is an easy decision!

  1. Energy-efficient lighting – An LED bulb that puts out the same amount of light as a 60 Watt incandescent only uses about 6 Watts.
  2. Long-life expectancy – LEDs can last for 60,000-80,000 hours. Presumably that means you could leave an LED on continuously for nearly 6 years.
  3. Safe to touch – LEDs bulbs operate at lower temperatures than other bulbs. You can’t even touch a halogen bulb when it’s off for fear of the oils on your fingers heating to a point that it shatters the bulb.
  4. Durable lighting – LEDs are resistant to shock, extreme changes in temperature (although high heat can shorten their lives), and repeated cycling (turning off and on).
  5. UV free light output – LEDs don’t emit ultraviolet light, which can damage artwork and which attracts bugs

LED conversion process is easy and hassle free

Converting your outdoor lighting system is as simple as coming out and changing only your bulbs. You do not have to replace fixtures in many cases.

As your incandescent lights burn out, it’s a good time to consider switching to LED bulbs. By now, you probably know that LED lighting has an impressive lifespan (20-something years!).

Now’s the right time to switch to LEDs. These bulbs have made significant advances over the last few years; finally delivering the warm light incandescent bulbs have comforted us with for decades.

Since most existing halogen systems are pretty much maxed out, converting it to LED will likely prolong the life of the wiring and connections since the load will be cut by close to 75%. This could extend the life of the infrastructure by several years.

On average, converting a system to LED can pay for itself in just a few years. More than ever, there are also an overwhelming number of LED varieties and qualities. Rely on the professionals at Elite Lighting Designs Inc. to provide you with the right LED lamps for your conversion.

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