Create a Romantic Look With Residential Landscape Lighting - Outdoor Landscape Lighting Installations and Designs by Elite Lighting Designs

Create a Romantic Look With Residential Landscape Lighting

  • February 21, 2022
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Create a Romantic Look With Residential Landscape Lighting - Outdoor Landscape Lighting Installations and Designs by Elite Lighting Designs

It’s that time of year when flower shops and local restaurants brace themselves for all the date nights during Valentine’s Day and after! While flowers, stuffed animals, and candy are the norm, we have another option to gift your loved one. For a unique gift that lasts, consider giving your significant other the beauty of residential landscape lighting!

It may seem a little out there for a gift, but we prefer to think of it as unique as well as one that can offer a variety of benefits to the home that you share with your loved one.

The Perfect Romantic Gift

The first benefit of residential outdoor lighting is ambiance. You don’t need to go to a fancy restaurant or a high-scale resort to enjoy the magic that great landscape and outdoor lighting can create. And the lighting doesn’t have to be designated to just one area of the home – residential outdoor lighting can be installed in several places and accentuate particular areas of the home. 

First, there’s pathway lighting. Residential landscape lighting can illuminate a dark pathway as well as highlight low flowerbeds, creating an amazing walkway. Then, there’s uplighting. Uplighting is a type of residential outdoor lighting that can highlight a particular architectural detail of your home, creating a gorgeous setting for any occasion. 

Each type of landscape and outdoor lighting is designed to provide the perfect setting. If a romantic setting is what you’re going for, we have a variety of design options to choose from to create the residential landscape lighting you’ve envisioned. Beyond highlighting particular areas of your home, landscape and outdoor lighting can transform a deck into a beautiful resort-style setting. Spend every evening in the comfort and beauty of your home, newly decked out with superior residential outdoor lighting.

A Gift That Goes Beyond Beauty

Residential outdoor lighting does more than just create a stunning setting. Landscape and outdoor lighting can provide an added amount of safety as it illuminates the dark areas of a home. This not only keeps unwanted individuals from lurking in the shadows of your home but also keeps those living in the home from running into creepy crawlers that have taken up residence outside the home. 

Additionally, residential outdoor lighting can assist in preventing injuries via pathway lighting. Accidents happen, but when a poorly lit or completely dark area is completely illuminated those accidents become fewer and farther between as there is less of a chance of tripping over the unseen.

Go Above and Beyond This Month

You’ve done the flowers. You’ve done the candy. This year, do something different, special, and will last. Residential landscape lighting is a great way to provide fantastic aesthetics to the home, creating a magical area for you and your loved one to enjoy. If your search for ‘outdoor lighting services near me’ has brought you to us, we’re excited to transform your home! When you choose Elite Lighting Designs for your residential landscape lighting, our team of experts will come out to your home to discuss your new lighting design and provide you with a free residential landscape lighting quote.

Make it a romantic gift your loved one will never forget. Contact us at 210.573.0594 today to get started!


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