Go Green and Save Money with Solar-Powered Lights - Outdoor Landscape Lighting Installations and Designs by Elite Lighting Designs

Go Green and Save Money with Solar-Powered Lights

  • March 31, 2021
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Go Green and Save Money with Solar-Powered Lights - Outdoor Landscape Lighting Installations and Designs by Elite Lighting Designs

Bring your home out of the dark with Elite Lighting Designs’ off-the-grid solar lighting solution. These solar lights are the newest and best in the industry and will never add to your electric bill. Replacing your current outdoor lighting with these solar lights will cut costs because they are operated by sunlight-charging batteries. Additionally, they will make your home more inviting and safer by illuminating dark areas and adding security. Add outdoor lighting to keep you, your family, and your home safe from crime while preventing dark steps, stones, or tree roots from causing falls or other injuries.

These eco-friendly lights are simple to install and remove. You can take your safety lighting with you when you go camping, take a trip off-the-grid, and when you move. These lights will add extra protection in RV parks, in the wilderness, and at home because they have motion detectors built in.

Using infrared technology, the solar-powered lights turn on when it becomes dark. Even better, they can help you feel safer when you have the lights off—the motion sensors kick the lights on whenever something moves around them, and they will warn you of potentially dangerous activity. They can light your path as you walk around, and ward off burglars when you’re away.

Finally, Elite Lighting Designs’ solar lighting systems do not require any digging, trenching, or wiring to install, and they do not require a certified electrician to set up. This solution is perfect for remote locations and areas without power such as ranches and cabins. These solar-powered lights will stay on during blackouts. They are built to last and do not need maintenance.

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Safety. Security. Beauty.

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