New Year, New Look for Your House - Outdoor Landscape Lighting Installations and Designs by Elite Lighting Designs

New Year, New Look for Your House

  • January 20, 2021
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New Year, New Look for Your House - Outdoor Landscape Lighting Installations and Designs by Elite Lighting Designs

Revamp your home without construction! Elite Lighting Designs can transform your home, making it appear larger, cleaner, and more welcoming. Become the most stunning house on the block and be the envy of all your neighbors with our outdoor residential lighting. Highlight your home’s best features; our lighting will highlight the entrance, sweep over gardens, and shine onto ancient trees and decorations.

Not only can outdoor lighting add beauty to your house, but it can also add security and safety.  Keeping sidewalks, stairs, and walkways well-lit is vital to preventing falls on dark steps or trips on unseen tree roots. Do not forget about the added benefit of security for crime when your house is well lit compare to the dark house next door. Statistics have proven that a dark house is an easy target for crime.

Elite Lighting Designs has become the leader in the greater San Antonio and Austin areas because we have created incredible, unique designs for homes and businesses for over 25 years. Choose Elite Lighting Designs to work on your home – we are the most trusted lighting company in south Texas. (Have you ever seen the North Star Mall boot in winter? We do that.)

Our light fixtures are all commercial-grade and direct from the manufacturer to provide long-lasting and rugged outdoor lighting systems. We encourage you to adopt LED lighting that saves energy and money plus lasts much longer than traditional incandescent light.

Why do we use Energy Saving LED lighting?

  1. Energy-efficient lighting – An LED bulb that puts out the same amount of light as a 60 Watt incandescent only uses about 6 Watts.
  2. Long-life expectancy – LEDs can last for 60,000-80,000 hours. Presumably, that means you could leave an LED on continuously for nearly 6 years.
  3. Safe to touch – LEDs bulbs operate at lower temperatures than other bulbs. You can’t even touch a halogen bulb when it’s off for fear of the oils on your fingers heating to a point that it shatters the bulb.
  4. Durable lighting – LEDs are resistant to shock, extreme changes in temperature (although high heat can shorten their lives), and repeated cycling (turning off and on).
  5. UV free light output – LEDs don’t emit ultraviolet light, which can damage artwork, and which attracts bugs.

After we transform your land into a gorgeous nighttime picture, your lighting system will need regular upkeep to remain in great shape. We recommend a thorough inspection of your lighting network at least once a year, particularly after difficult weather events.

Our Service Team to Do Full Maintenance

All plans include:

  • Service team will visit to clean all fixtures from glass to brass.
  • Inspect transformers, timers, and photocells – adjust and reset when necessary.
  • Trim plants around fixtures where necessary (customer must advise if they do not want this)
  • Re-bury exposed wires.
  • Apply ant prevention.
  • Voltage testing at fixtures.
  • Adjustments of fixtures for proper illumination.
  • Check and replace any lamps needed.
  • Price does not include parts – 15% discount on parts with maintenance plan.
  • 1 free service call during the year (12 months from date of purchase).

Whether you live out in the beautiful Cordillera Ranch in Boerne or in the Hill Country of Bulverde in Centennial Ridge, we can light up your house. Elite Lighting Designs installs and services residential or commercial outdoor lighting and landscape lighting in and around Boerne, Fair Oaks Ranch, Cordillera, Leon Springs, Bergheim, Dominion, & San Antonio. Contact Elite Lighting Designs San Antonio: (210) 573-0594 | Austin: (512) 692-7445 to speak to a design consultant today.


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