Light Up Your Nights This Summer - Outdoor Landscape Lighting Installations and Designs by Elite Lighting Designs

Light Up Your Nights This Summer

  • May 21, 2020
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Light Up Your Nights This Summer - Outdoor Landscape Lighting Installations and Designs by Elite Lighting Designs

Many people see Memorial Day weekend as the unofficial start to summer which means soon we will be spending more time outdoors enjoying backyard barbecues and swimming pools.  Does your backyard have enough lighting for evening gatherings? Is your pool lighting ready for summer?

When you spend time outside entertaining family and friends, you’ll need proper outdoor lighting to illuminate your yard. Whether you’re relaxing outside on your patio or you want to use a spotlight to add drama to trees, shrubs, and distinctive landscaping, outdoor lighting can do the trick, while also adding beauty and safety to your property.

Benefits of Landscape Lighting

  • Safety
  • Security
  • Improved value of the property
  • Enhancing the bright colors of foliage, gardens, statutes, or trees
  • Curb appeal

There are many different outdoor lighting fixtures and strategies that can be used to create the perfect backyard. How outdoor lights are setup and aimed can entirely change the look or effect the purpose.

  • Downlighting
    For romantic, moonlit vibes most landscape designers recommend downlighting from a tree. It creates a softer lighting effect that is meant to replicate moonlight. Downlighting is all about the ambiance. Add downlighting to your patio, and suddenly you have a romantic date night spot.
  • Uplighting
    Whenever a light is shined up, it highlights the shape and form of whatever it shined on. For landscape lighting, old trees are ideal candidates for uplighting, because their branches create visual drama. Also, uplighting is excellent for showcasing robust architectural features of your home, like columns and stacked stone.
  • Cross-lighting
    Light designers use cross-lighting to eliminate shadows from both sides of a focal point. It creates a pronounced visual effect that is hard for anyone to ignore. Cross-lighting is best for objects with unusual shapes like a stone or cacti bed.

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