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Why Using CNC Machine Manufactured Fixtures Matters

  • July 17, 2019
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In the late 1960’s CNC machining became the industry standard among leading manufacturers and is still the preferred method today. CNC Machine manufacturing, also known as Computer Numeric Control (CNC) machining is a process that automates the operation of machine tools via precisely programmed computer commands. When used to build LED lighting fixtures, the result is the best fixtures money can buy.

At Elite Lighting Design we use lighting fixtures and equipment made by Garden Light LED. They can “program” their CNC machine using a coordinate system. Once the computer generates the program, the machine will read and cut out the parts needed. The programs can be simple or very complex and it allows for the creation of high-quality, solid lighting fixture designs.

Garden Light LED is based in the USA in Tampa, Florida. With CNC precision machining, they can produce numerous types of state of the art, LED Lighting fixtures right in their American factory. These high-tech LED light fixture designs, along with unique advanced parts, are always quality controlled for an extremely high degree of accuracy and precision.

How and Why CNC Manufacturing Works:

The machine cuts the part from a solid bar of material. Often the machine removes more than half the material to create the part needed. The CNC machine can work autonomously once setup. They load bars into the “bar feeder” and it will keep supplying the machine with material until it runs out. It’s an efficient and amazing process. By manufacturing in America, Garden Light retains much better control over quality and demand, and the ability to execute changes. By using local suppliers of material, they can guarantee the highest quality material thus producing the highest quality fixture. These fixtures come with a 20-year factory warranty and we like to call them, A Fixture for Life.

While many fixtures are manufactured in foreign countries and sell at lower costs we find using LED products that are properly built in America means a superior quality to offer our customers. Our fixtures are the product of intense collaboration, are engineered, designed, and assembled by a team of American workers, kept to a rigorous standard, and have a longevity that is unparalleled.

What Makes Our Fixtures Unique:

The fixtures we use at Elite Lighting design are simply elegant. They are sleek and strikingly appealing and are easily recognizable for their unique quality and design. Each fixture is individually handcrafted and machined from 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum and C230 solid brass billets. Designed for function, they also feature performance-oriented efficiency and visual sophistication. When we install these lights around your home, pool, landscaping, decks, fences, buildings, and architecture, their visual appeal adds to the design rather than detracting from it.

When we come to your home or business to discuss your lighting needs, we will bring some of these fixtures for you to see and hold. The design, feel, and weight of them is impressive in and of themselves and that is in part the result of CNC manufacturing. When you hold one of our fixtures in your hand, you will immediately recognize the value of the work it takes to create these lights and the quality is undeniable.

Using the right materials is essential. Durability and longevity of the surface coatings and base material are crucial. Using 6061aluminum means these fixtures have an extremely high resistance to corrosion making it an excellent choice for CNC machining. In fact, 6061aluminum is widely recognized in the aerospace, military specification, and marine industries for these characteristics. So, the fixtures we use to light your home or business utilize the same kind of aluminum that is used in aerospace and military and marine capacities. These benefits, combined with this aluminum’s naturally high thermal conductivity, make 6061 aluminum a perfect component for high-performance, corrosion resistant, LED lighting fixtures.

For our high-performance line of brass fixtures, C360 brass  is the natural choice because of its high thermal conductivity, which is close to that of aluminum, and its excellent ability to resist corrosion as well.

In the heat and humidity of South Texas summers, corrosion can be an issue. Using these materials combined with CNC machining makes all the difference.

New intricate and custom modern outdoor lighting design is always at the forefront of our focus at Elite Lighting Design. We are constantly striving to provide our customers with the widest range of lighting design possibilities.

LED technology components allow for innovations that are not possible with halogen bulbs. Thanks to CNC manufacturing, the fixtures we use from Garden Light LED are virtually indestructible and can last thousands of hours.

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